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  2. Goacher Sails sell ready made tapered spinnaker sheets which will address the concerns you have.....thick enough to hold / light enough not to affect the sail trim. They would also advise on suitable block size. PS....well done buying a Snotty!
  3. Hi - I've just bought a Sonata & need to replace the kite sheets & get a new pair of ratchet blocks for them. The old sheets are 6mm but a crew member has complained that they're tough to hold in a breeze. Would 8mm be too heavy? Also, re blocks. I asked Harken what size & they said they'd previously specced 57mm for a Sonata. But then they said 75mm would be a sensible choice for improved holding. Happy to get the larger ones if necessary but it's an extra £30 so if it's not necessary I'll get the smaller size. Any suggestions/help very much appreciated!
  4. Hello, my name is Joachim from Kiel, north Germany. My main sail is already 38 years old, and starts to give up. Is there anybody who could offer me a main sail, not for racing, regatta, only for a lazy sonday afternoon. I will pay in advance the sail and the costs for sending . By the way, this afternoon, i was sailing in the fjord of Kiel, 100 meters from HUGO BOSS, second of the vendee globe. Was an exciting moment. I would be very happy, if there will be some offer. Kind regards Joachim 0049431 59297171 0049 151 1811 6010 mobil
  5. Hi Michael, could be all depends on price......also looking at other option ie Jaguar 21 etc.....
  6. I am looking for a lift keel Sonata, in reasonable condition, for day sailing with the family and some club racing.
  7. Hello are you still looking for a sonata
  8. Hello are you still looking for a sonata
  9. I require a second hand main and no 1 genoa if anyone is selling?
  10. I don't have any spares but was just curious about why / how the existing gudgeons would have failed and whether I should be inspecting mine more closely. Could you advise what the problem is? Many thanks Mark
  11. Hi All Have found out from Hunter Boats that the Godgeons for a Hunter Sonata are best spoke and that the fabricator retired this year. I have found a local Fabricator "HELP" they cost £100 each to be made
  12. Hi Chirsb Yes i have a main requires one batten. requires some repairs but still very crisp £75
  13. I am currently looking at various lifting Keel sailing boats, the Sonata has caught my eye, however I would require one with a lift keel, as propose to use it on a drying mooring..... has anyone got any info that might be useful or previous knowledge of the boats being suitable for a dry mooring ? Cheers Andy
  14. Hi there, anyone selling a second hand main?
  15. Anyone have a pair of Gudgeons they are willing to sell to a good home?
  16. I have a lift keeler in Jersey. I started with a Mercury 3.3hp which was enough for local stuff but wasn’t so good for long distance, I managed to wear out the piston which is pretty unusual as usually they don’t do enough work in their life span for this to happen. It took roughly 400nm. So have reluctantly moved to a 26kg Mercury 5hp sail drive with an external tank, which (touch wood) is yet to miss a beat and with it's larger propeller, our speed is much less affected by chop. My view is if you’re cruising or as we are, racing offshore under IRC Cat 3 get something that can handle chop, tied, heavy crew etc… If you’re just locally racing or coastal cruising a 2.5hp will probably be ok, but don’t expect it to last forever. Tom
  17. I have a lifting keel sonata on the Bristol channel and my outboard has given up the ghost. I was wondering what the smallest outboard other owners are using on the back of there boats. I was wondering if a 2.5hp would be good enough? Any help on this topic would be a great help. King Regards Tom Sully Fantasy (5103Y)
  18. Thanks for the kind words. Yep, I thought it needed an upgrade so I just did it. As well as the new look, it's mobile friendly and has some new features. It's now a Wordpress site so should be easier to keep up-to-date without losing the mass of older-but-still-valuable stuff. I think the Facebook page and the website complement each other. My take on it is the website provides current news items, a shop-front for anyone interested in the class, an authoritative source of class information and an archive of hints, tips, stories, history and all the rest of it. Always happy to discuss how the web site might develop in the future. Cheers jack
  19. Jack, I would just like to echo the comments from Chris......the new look website looks a lot better and hopefully will get more traffic! Best regards Mark
  20. In the interests of communication I have repeated my message to Jack here, it was first posted in the Web Matters Forum just now. Hope you all agree. "Thanks, Jack, for a nice fresh, clean site. I only hope we can persuade members to use it more. Chris" In the interests of the last sentence, I am about to use our Facebook page to do similar and re-draw attention to our website, particularly the Forums, where, I think, we are under-utilising a great asset. If you agree, join me and others in our Forum posts. Now that Jack has taken the trouble, entirely off his own bat I suspect, to give us a significant new look, we should support the site by increasing our participation. I appreciate the value Facebook, I really do, but our website has always been first class, a huge resource, a great means of communication and, I hesitate, but something more professional and serious than Facebook, befitting a now fairly senior Class Association and a National Class to boot. Good heavens, do you appreciate that the Sonata is a whisker away from becoming a "Classic Yacht" in terms of the Classic Yacht Association GB's rules? We have the age, well, some of us do. True, we are not made of wood with long overhangs bow and stern, nether do we have a gaff. But then, neither do some of the other "Classic" boats that I raced with across the Channel this Summer. It's a thought, isn't it? Dave Thomas would have been really chuffed to know that his fag-packet sketch for a 'family cruiser' could ever consider that. I might have a go at it. Me and my boat qualify on age, me especially, not sure how CYA GB might view my hull shape and rig, but, whatever, the parameters might be flexible! Chris
  21. Can any one tell me where we can purchase Rudder Godgeon from Thank you Sid
  22. Steve Goacher sails 8047 Main 2005 needs repair on the battons pockets Genoa 2005 genny needs a repair small hole Genoa N02 2003 requires battons replaced and repaired All are still crisp in good condition other than the above £400 for the lot
  23. Hi. Any sonata owners got a decent rudder they want to sell. Need one as soon as possible call me 07790852878 thanks david.
  24. For the day to day stuff about who is doing what, who is going to which events then Facebook works better than most other media and the West Coast Snottas page has been great.......even if my boat has done more races without me than with me this year! Having either a UK Snotta page or one for Poole, one for the Medway that we could all follow might be the way forward........keeping links to for the formal stuff (eg rules) Mark Saraband 8314N
  25. Chris, Sorry for the delay in response. Personally I would be quite happy if we took a very relaxed view on what we allowed from an electronics perspective. I have long been of a chart and Douglas Protractor persuasion and certainly kept that position on board both of my boats, telling myself that I would not move to a GPS plotter until at least both my lads had a rudimentary knowledge of the basics of chart work. They now have that, but the reality is that they always had far more information on their phones with a Navionics app than I will ever carry inside my chart table. The apps are cheap, regularly updated and when rock-hopping against the tide are more user friendly than a chart flapping in the wind etc. Phones are already banned in many sailing instructions from being used during a race, on the grounds they might be used to obtain external information, but as you suggest, who is to know whether the person on the rail is using a standard Casio stopwatch or a GPS watch with boat speed, VMG etc? Other electronics are proportionally cheaper than they used to be, use less power than their predecessors and are more reliable. Again, I can see little ongoing argument for saying we should exclude them from the class. The fast sailors will still be fast, with or without the instruments, and the less fast sailors on't be able to hide behind equipment restrictions for their lack of skill or practice! The biggest risk I see to the class moving forward is failing to attract more people into the class and anything we can do to assist people to make that move the better. Many of the people who might aspire to helm a Sonata might also crew on bigger more exotic stuff where electronics for VMG, lay lines, start line etc are routinely used so allowing them to use those bits of kit on a Sonata and practise their skills would be valuable. Lets have a sensible rule on electronics that shows we are of the 21st century..........personally I would propose we have no restrictions on electronics! Mark Saraband 8314N
  26. In the last couple of years particularly there has been a revolution in marine electronics. I caught up with this recently and was completely astonished by what information you can now get, real time, with an internet connection and a GPS antenna bolted to an iPad or equivalent. Add a couple of watch brands to the mix and you can not only navigate anywhere in the world by looking at your wrist, you can receive all sorts of information whilst sitting on the rail, ostensibly, checking the count down time. I last looked into this seriously some three years ago and those of you who read the posts at the time will remember that we altered our Class Rules to manage the technology then available. Now, its at a whole new level and, as a Class, we should be aware of this and, if necessary, adjust our rules again to account for it. I am not saying that any of it would necessarily provide a significant advantage on a Sonata race course, neither am I saying that anyone might be tempted to use it to gain advantage, albeit they could do it without anyone else realising what they were doing. Its just for the Class to be aware what is out there at very little expense and which way we might want to jump as a pure one design Class with an ethos of maintaining at least some of Dave Thomas's concept of a "family cruiser", toilet, cushions, etc. Comments please. Chris
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