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  2. looking for a reasonable second hand mail sail. Please contact if your having a clear out.
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  4. Hello, Our club uses 0.820.
  5. Sorry just seen this, we have bought one.
  6. Thank you Mark.What you say makes a lot of sense.
  7. It is very unlikely that you would ever break a furling line at 1/4 or even less, depending on the material. One consideration if you are using it for reefing, not just furling, is whether the existing cleat will securely grip the smaller line. Nothing worse than a furling line that slips in the cleat as it will only happen when there is already lots of pressure in the sail, so the last thing you want is more sail being unfurled! The bigger issue, particularly on small boats and if winches are not used, is whether the size of rope is too small to comfortably pull, considering also if you wear gloves or not when sailing. You might find 1/4 inch fine for strength but too painful to pull with bare hands Mark
  8. Hello Sonata forums, Thinking about purchasing a Sonata for round-the-cans racing, wondered if anyone has a recent IRC rating for Sonata OD fin keel? Steve HB
  9. I am about to change my furling line.My present one is 5/16 but feel 1/4 inch should be big enough.Any comments?
  10. Hi Paxo. We had a MK4 Sonata on the Medway probably up to around 2008 or so - sail number 8181 - red hull. One of her owners is still at Medway and I can put you in touch if you want if she is the same boat? Paul
  11. If it has been measured there should be a sail number engraved (or often drilled) in minimum 20mm numerals into the top edge of the transom......if that isn't there then the boat can't have been measured and that makes life harder for trying to find original details etc. Quite a few of us have been successful in finding a moulding number, as Hunter often wrote the number on the inside of the transom using a felt pen. I think the association secretary (Catherine Hartley) might have a list that correlates moulding numbers to sail numbers. My first Sonata was GBR 8025 and we bought her unmeasured, but found a moulding number which I think was actually 15...........I never did find out why there was a mis-match but can only assume the first owner bought boat 15 but was late registering, so got sail number 25??? Regards Mark Saraband GBR 8314N
  12. HI We have just brought a Sonata (MK4) and are looking for original serial number and sail number but cannot see a builders plate. Where should it be located?
  13. look for a well-preserved Genoa for my hoppetosse, not for regatta but for sailing just for fun. I am happy about any feedback via e-mail, sms or whats app many greetings offers for mainsail or fock are welcome too Joachim Hübner, joachimhuebner@gmx.net 004915118116010
  14. Hi all , looking for a used main in fair condition for sale ,
  15. Hi Rob I have a cradle if you're still after one. Contact me ianjlongster@gmail.com if your interested. Located in Kent
  16. Hi, I'm looking for a wheeled Yard Trolley or a cradle for a fin Keel....based in Poole. Thanks Rob
  17. Quick question , Just fitted a center point lift . Any one got a measurement for best position of hatch . Thanks
  18. Hi there I'm on the look out for a Sonata. Is it still for sale? I might be interested but it is a bit far. Let me know. Ollie
  19. Hi all, I'm searching for a lifting keel Sonata with a trailer. Consider a light project but would prefer a well looked after boat that's ready to go. Going to be used for cruising only, would again prefer one already kitted out for this.
  20. I have a lifting keel sonata. She is a Mk 2 with a proper sea toilet and fully equipped for sailing. Based in Scotland. If you are interested please feel free to contact me on Andrew.forgie@btinternet.com
  21. Hi I am selling my Sonata. if anyone is interested. Currently out of the water in Dungarvan Co waterford Ireland
  22. Hi Paul, Many thanks for the advice, I would not have considered that. I will look into it. Cheers, Simon.
  23. Hi Simon. I know that if the bottom of the mast has corroded a solution is to cut off the corrosion and shim up the foot with wood which might have happened with yours. I guess if you remove the wood and the mast has been shortened you might run out of luff for your main? Not sure how you check this - but someone can probably tell you how! Mast maker? I would leave it alone if that is what has happened. Regards Paul
  24. Hi All, Well myself and a couple of pals have taken on a bit of a project getting Obsession 8370 back onto the water, she has been laid up for I think around 6 years and is in a bit of a state. We have been crewing on Camel Tow at Mersea for several years but this is our first foray into ownership so any and all advice very welcome! I wonder if anybody can advise, there is strengthening wood underneath the mastfoot (pic attached) I guess to spread the load, it appears there is a little more fibreglass laid up under the coach roof as well. I would prefer to increase the strengthening inside and remove the wood, would the lift in the height of the mast make any difference to the boats performance or handling? Or am I being a bit pedantic? We currently have a huge list of things to do prior to the start of the season so would need to prioritise really. As said any advise very welcome. Cheers Simon.
  25. Posted by webmaster on behalf of Edward Chetwynd-Stapylton. Please reply to ecstapylton@btinternet.com. I would very much like to hear from anyone considering selling their Sonata this winter. Fin or lifting keel, no preference but do need one fitted out down below (bunk cushions, cooking facilities, heads etc!). Having owned a Sigma 33 for the last 10 years I’m looking for something a bit smaller and easier to maintain. I look forward to hearing from you.
  26. I would like to hear from anyone considering selling their Sonata this winter. Fin or lifting keel, no preference but I do need one fitted out down below (bunk cushions, cooking facilities, heads etc!). Having owned a Sigma 33 for the last 10 years I’m looking for something that sails as well and is a bit smaller and easier to maintain! I look forward to hearing from you.
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