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  2. Liberty Star

    Masthead tricolor light

    Hi all I sail on the Norfolk Broads so any other Sonatas same region get in touch as tips or crew welcome. I'm a 'born again boater' after long years not sailing tho' with lots of dinghy experience to the end of school so I'm in revision & learning cabin boat handling now. Bought in May 2018, I'm slowly renovating my 32 year old Sonata 7. Currently, dealing with solar powered electrics specifically with nav lights. Any advice on ridding the tricolor plastic of weathering? From contact with Steve Goacher, a marine engineering firm & observation, the cable will have to be external to the mast. Anyone got experience of this? I dont want to use cable ties is am as Green as possible ie Buy less, share more, re-use, re-purpose...
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  4. Jeffh

    Info on Puffin

    Sorry, her name was Sonatarific.
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  6. Jeffh

    Info on Puffin

    Hello, Just wandering if anyone has any info on her, original number K8080N, also with newer sail as K8171N. I believe her previous name was Sonatster. Cheers
  7. I'm doing a bit of de-cluttering in the Sonata forums. I've moved the older posts from this forum to the website archive. You can browse the old stuff over there or use the site search to find key words and phrases. The relocated posts should also be more accessible to Google, although it will take it a while to catch-up.
  8. andrew.mathers

    Sonata Trailer For Sale

    Sonata Trailer for Sale £1,600 This made to measure Sonata trailer is in very good condition, twin axel braked trailer made by Mersea Trailers Based at Bradwell Phone 01621 776256 Sonata Trailer for Sale.docx
  9. Gerard

    Goacher Sails 2015 for sale

    Are any of these still available?
  10. Gerard

    Good Sonata wanted

    Good condition fin keeled Sonata wanted with trailer and outboard. Want to race so recent sails wanted. Contact Gerard on 07808 329515
  11. Hi All Just a quick word to warn you that the early bird discount for the Nationals at Medway is rapidly approaching. £95 if you get the Entry form back to us before the 1st of July. £120 after then. Best wishes Paul Watersong MYC
  12. Mark Taylor

    Holt Allan Mast heel needed

    Sidney......can I also suggest that you post this on the Facebook pages Sonata Sailing and also Sonata Sailing Scotland as I think (hope!) you will get a faster response as those pages are read more frequently by current and past Sonata sailors. best regards Mark
  13. Has any one broken a holt allan mast and kept the heel or now where i can get one from thank you
  14. Set of Goacher sails for sail all circa 2015 Main Pentex laminate no 1 genoa No2 spinnaker all looked after and in good condition. washed every year and kept at home they have won many races and are still in good shape any reasonable offer considered chris jelliss 01872 865223 c.jelliss@btinternet.com
  15. Chris Bentley

    Press Article

    We got a puff in Yachting Life, the "Biggest Sailing Magazine North of the South". Should please you lot above Watford. I'm not sure if it was on the streets before Tarbert, but I put you in too. Chris YL Article.pdf
  16. Hi All Sorry for the long post but an update on how preparations for the 2018 Nationals are going at Medway Yacht Club. Please visit our Nationals website which is now up and running where you will find lots of important information and an entry list for boats signed up. http://www.sonatanationals.org.uk The Notice of Race is up there and the Entry form for you to fill in and get back to the MYC office. We are aiming for a full 5 days of racing – weather dependant of course! Book before the 1stof July and the entry fee is £95. After this the entry fee is £120. Please help us with the organisation and book as soon as you know you are coming. Thank you to those who have already booked especially visiting boats Joey and Old School! We have asked on this form that you book event Polo shirts. These will be a good quality Polo, embroidered with the event details and a list of participating boats on the reverse. We have kept these at cost price (£15) to make them as appealing as possible. We do need to know in advance to get the embroidering done and there is a cut off date of the 20thJuly. You just need to let us know the sizes and numbers on the entry form. To complement the racing we are also organising a pretty full social programme as well. Details are up on the website together with a booking form. Monday evening – 2 course supper and quiz night Tuesday - Hog roast and Live music and dancing Thursday – Wine and Tapas evening Friday – 3 Course Championship Supper with Live music and dancing We are really hoping you will book all of these events for the below cost price of £70 per person. The cut off date of 1stAugust is to help us with planning but again please book as soon as you know. To be able to offer such value we are indebted to our sponsors. Pirates Cave Chandlery, GWO marine, Wood and Stone, Craft insure and Rhokett. Hoping to see you at Medway in August. Please come and join us. Paul Nationals Committee Watersong
  17. I'm selling the yard trailer for my Sonata. Its listed on ebay but if anyone is interested contact me on 07760 426 181 Also selling a collection of used sails, again listed on ebay for £60 each
  18. Jack Hardie

    Metal work - A few questions

    I don't know if you've already seen these pages on the website but just in case you haven't: http://sonata.org.uk/mainsheet-travellers/ http://sonata.org.uk/things-that-work/ http://sonata.org.uk/pushpit-brace/ jack
  19. Steven Rolland

    Mast Step

    Hi All, Our mast base that the mast sits on, is bolted through the fibreglass of the coach roof, through some wood and another layer of fibreglass before being in contact with the main bulhead. The wood looks like it may have rotted. Presumably the water entering through the bolt holes. Does anyone have experience of this? Is the wood structural itself or is it essentially part of the manufacturing process and once the fibreglass has formed, does that take the compression? Thanks in advance, Steven #
  20. Wanted Plastimo sliding outboard bracket to suit standard Sonata rails. What have you guys got hidden away in your garages!!
  21. Minim

    Bilge pump

    Hi Rob, I have a Henderson 'Chimp' pump that is surplus, would this me of interest?
  22. Rob Goodison

    Bilge pump

    Hi Just doing up my sonata ready for summer season and discovered that my bilge pump has perished does anyone know where I can get parts or new one please Cheers Rob
  23. Chris Bentley

    RYA National Sonata Class Page

    I have been co-operating with the RYA to update our Class page and the result is quite pleasing. See http://www.rya.org.uk/racing/national-classes/Pages/hub.aspx Also, RYA have overhauled their procedures for dealing with membership and measurement to avoid last-minute rushes prior to, eg, a National Champs which are sensible changes. An edited text from them is copied below. We have also had press coverage of the recent Inlands at Windermere and in Yachts & Yachting Sportsboat feature, See ‘About the Sonata’ on this site.
  24. Hi All, I have recently become the new owner of Minim, I have never owned a Sonata and in fact, this is my first yacht so slightly in at the deep end - I am beginning to compile the long jobs list to get her back up together and back out racing this season but have a few questions which I hope you friendly lot might be able to help with! 1. Stanchion Bases - Minims bases are fixed straight to the deck - I believe this is original from 1976 but have seen that every other Sonata has wooden packers underneath the stanchion base. Would be great to know if anyone has had this issue in the past and actually whether the wooden packers are required or whether I can just re-seat. 2. Pushpit Reinforcement - I have seen the thread regarding having a third leg for the pushpit and this seems like a very sensible thing - does anyone have measurements or even do we have a metal maker in our association that can make such items?? 3. Traveller/Mainsheet swivel - Currently Minim has a very small traveller in the very centre of the cockpit - I am looking to upgrade this to a full cockpit width traveller with centre swivel mainsheet ratchet block and cam cleat. Again does anyone have a drawing for the metal work they put in or have made one? If anyone has an old traveller track I'd also be interested Many thanks Mark
  25. Simply Alto

    Info on simply Alto

    Many thanks
  26. Chris Bentley

    Info on simply Alto

    Welcome to Sonata Sailing! Here’s an extract from our records: Hull no. 232. 1990 listed as owned by Matheson Mosley of Poole. Jan 1995 listed as owned by Steve Brown of Poole. 1999 Dave and Maggie Horseford joined the NSA as new members. 2001 sold to Jim Barham. Last current owners listed as Chris Coote and Graham Bestley. I will ask our Secretary, Catherine, to update our records Chris Bentley
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