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  2. Looking to buy a good condition second hand, set of race sails to take part in the 2020 nationals so looking for something that has ideally only done a few events. Let me know what you have
  3. Hi Tom, did you go with a long shaft or short shaft for you 4 stroke?
  4. Can anyone recommend a suitable outboard motor? My Yamaha Malta L is really beyond economical repair. It is not now possible to buy new 2 stroke motors for leisure use. A 4 stroke can be a problem because of stowage attitude constraints.
  5. I am selling my single axle trailer for my boat Minim. The trailer has the original cradle mounted on it which has been professionally reinforced and welded last summer as had some corrosion - I've wire brushed and hammerited the cradle at the end of last season. The cradle has some corrosion which was treated but is serviceable - I have wooden splashes for the hull to sit on with foam padding - [I had planned to sheath these in glass fibre but just haven't got round to it!] The trailer bearings and brake pads were serviced and all replaced at the end of last season and the trailer hasn't entered the water since. This trailer would be ideal as a yard trolley or for short trips on the road without the expense of a full double axle trailer. The axle is a heavy duty one rated to 1900kgs Currently lying Cowes, Isle of Wight £800
  6. Thanks Mark. As there's no exit from inside this mast except halyard holes which would probably foul cable (correct me if wrong) gave up. Also there are trees along the banks where i sail, sometimes unavoidable if oncoming vessel. I have now heard I only have to have masthead light if on seaways. Thanks.
  7. Mark, Tricky but possible, thanks.
  8. Please does anyone know where one can get the standard rubbing strake for a Sonata?
  9. The bottom end of Saraband's luff rope sits just above the bottom of my cutout........when lowering the main I have to remember to flick it to one side or the other to make sure it doesn't drop into the lower part of the luff groove. I am always surprised that when I bang on the cunningham that I don't have an issue with it catching on the lower edge of the cutout, but in 17 years, it hasn't, yet!! One thing that might help is that quite a few of us have dispensed using the tack pin and now have another heavy duty slider that drops into the mast groove. That enables the headboard to get to the black band without over-tensioning the luff, although be careful you don't over hoist it past the line. That will then lift the tack 1-2" and you have sorted your problem. On my Goacher main I found I had to have teh slider tied about 0.5" off the luff rope otherwise it pulled the tack too far forward Particularly on the Goacher main it makes the tack area of the mainsail look a lot better, removing for example that line that is going down left to right in your picture, just below the existing luff slider. Some people have a light line that ties the now free floating tack down to the tack pin, others including Steve Goacher himself, just let it float free, sliding up and down the groove as required. Hope that helps. Mark Saraband 8314N
  10. Problems encountered when raising the Main Sail on the 17/3 Main raised through new mast feeder and luff groove could not get the bottom part of bolt rope through and in to luff groove SEE photo We untied the clew outhaul and unclipped the tack to allow the foot of the main to slide along the boom so that the sail can be lifted for the bolt rope to slide down the luff groove. This would indicate that the entry feeder is too high in the luff groove SEE photo We tried many ways to resolve this but could not find an alternative We took the feeder out and tried again but came to the same result We then decided to extend the opening as you can SEE from the photo we still have to remove the tack pin at the gooseneck so that the bolt rope can be lifted and then located, down the luff groove Is there a problem with the mast design in that the feeder location is too high in the luff grove? Looking at the Selden web site on the sail entry pages they all show the entry much lower than 400mm in the luff groove. Why? SEE photo of the mast with tape Taking into account all that I found should the feeder be about 200mm from the gooseneck? As you can see that the bolt rope is not properly protected now at the bottom of the cut in the luff groove can you supply me the metal feeder so I can put this at the bottom of the cut out? The only other solution is hoist the main all the way, then push up the rest of the bolt rope in to the luff groove so that they can travel down the mast. And then feed the foot of the main into the boom groove which is stupid. Please find attached Photos Your help in this resolving this design problem would be appreciated Sidney Ashford. Tuartan 50 Robertson way. Callander Stirling FK178JF Email: sid.anmetoo1@gmail.comSelden Mast.docxSelden Mast.docx
  11. Good enough to protect mainsail on boom please. Doesn't have to be super smart as 32 yr old Liberty Star shows her age though I'm slowly applying TLC. Thanks for reading.
  12. Good morning I'm replying recognising your enthusiasm & in thanks for Mark's reply to my info request. Seemingly, you haven't had a heap of response IF I've followed correctly (getting used to site). If you have, which I hope, where will I find it? As mentioned in my request for info on installing masthead light cable (Mark replied), I'd like to find if there are other Sonatas on the Norfolk Broads, where else hull number may be if not inside of transom as I'd like to find Liberty Star's nee Stardust' history. Are Sonatas still made? I've meet a couple of people who had Sonatas 30 odd years ago when mine was built. One chap was quite moved on seeing my boat, recalling his own, confirming my choice of this boat for personality, functionality & sheer fun.
  13. Masthead aerial and tricolour light on Saraband have both wires internal to the mast. Took a bit of juggling to get them down but mostly pulled down using a line pulled through mast with main halyard. Bottom 2 feet was the hardest, as teh main halyard came out about that far above mast step, so had to drop a mouse down the last bit. I taped the two wires together inside the mast but probably wouldn't do that next time as it meant I had to remove both when I had to replace the VHF aerial wire after it snagged when dropping the mast and got broke too short to solder a repair.
  14. Looking for a No 2 Genoa for our club boat, reasonable condition will do
  15. Hi there do you have a No 2 for sale regards Ray
  16. Hi all I sail on the Norfolk Broads so any other Sonatas same region get in touch as tips or crew welcome. I'm a 'born again boater' after long years not sailing tho' with lots of dinghy experience to the end of school so I'm in revision & learning cabin boat handling now. Bought in May 2018, I'm slowly renovating my 32 year old Sonata 7. Currently, dealing with solar powered electrics specifically with nav lights. Any advice on ridding the tricolor plastic of weathering? From contact with Steve Goacher, a marine engineering firm & observation, the cable will have to be external to the mast. Anyone got experience of this? I dont want to use cable ties is am as Green as possible ie Buy less, share more, re-use, re-purpose...
  17. Sorry, her name was Sonatarific.
  18. Hello, Just wandering if anyone has any info on her, original number K8080N, also with newer sail as K8171N. I believe her previous name was Sonatster. Cheers
  19. I'm doing a bit of de-cluttering in the Sonata forums. I've moved the older posts from this forum to the website archive. You can browse the old stuff over there or use the site search to find key words and phrases. The relocated posts should also be more accessible to Google, although it will take it a while to catch-up.
  20. Sonata Trailer for Sale £1,600 This made to measure Sonata trailer is in very good condition, twin axel braked trailer made by Mersea Trailers Based at Bradwell Phone 01621 776256 Sonata Trailer for Sale.docx
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