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  1. Jack Hardie

    Metal work - A few questions

    I don't know if you've already seen these pages on the website but just in case you haven't: http://sonata.org.uk/mainsheet-travellers/ http://sonata.org.uk/things-that-work/ http://sonata.org.uk/pushpit-brace/ jack
  2. Jack Hardie

    An Important Class Message

    Excellent summary and call to arms Chris. You mention people who've bought a Sonata cheaply and refurbished it as a competitive boat. Maybe one of them might have a story interesting enough to be published in one of the yachting mags?
  3. Jack Hardie

    Well Done Jack!

    Thanks for the kind words. Yep, I thought it needed an upgrade so I just did it. As well as the new look, it's mobile friendly and has some new features. It's now a Wordpress site so should be easier to keep up-to-date without losing the mass of older-but-still-valuable stuff. I think the Facebook page and the website complement each other. My take on it is the website provides current news items, a shop-front for anyone interested in the class, an authoritative source of class information and an archive of hints, tips, stories, history and all the rest of it. Always happy to discuss how the web site might develop in the future. Cheers jack
  4. Jack Hardie

    Login Changes

    The latest upgrade to the bulletin board software has brought some changes. There is no longer a separate user name and display name. Login with your display name and usual password. The display name is the one that shows against your posts. Please contact me if you have problems logging in. jack
  5. Jack Hardie

    Lift keel Sonata Wanted

    We require a lift keel Sonata in reasonable condition to be used for Club Racing and day sailing – preferably in East Anglia (as we don’t have a tow hook!) We are Ann and Mike Jackson 7 Westmorland Road Felixstowe Suffolk IP11 9TB Telephone 01394 282073 (posted by Administrator) please contact Ann and Mike directly.
  6. Jack Hardie

    Honda Outboard

    Posted on behalf of Steve Widdowson, 07990 507 431. Honda BF 2.3 HP 4 Stroke. It is nearly new with a low running time – bought second hand last year but not been used since. Fully serviced. Perfect for a tender. £350 ONO
  7. Jack Hardie

    No. 3 Jib and 3rd reefing point

    The dimensions for the working jib and storm jib are in the class rules. jack hardie
  8. Jack Hardie

    Keel Pin

    Have you seen this page? jack hardie
  9. Jack Hardie

    Rudder Pins

    This one stirred some distant memories so I searched around a bit. Here's a quote from a 1995 Sonata newsletter: A later newsletter says that the Association has run out of rudder pins but one member was using two separate 10mm bolts in the upper and lower fitting instead of the single long pin. No idea if this is a - within the class rules, b - seaworthy. Anyone have any experience of the two-bolt solution? jack
  10. Jack Hardie

    Relationship to Astralian Sonata's

  11. Jack Hardie

    High aspect blade jib

    Posted by Webmaster on behalf of Sandy Woodward: You can email Sandy on johnwoodward347 at btinternet dot com
  12. Jack Hardie

    Gross tonnage

    Posted on behalf of Dave Horrocks:
  13. Jack Hardie


    Have you seen the traveller photos in the Hints and Tips section of the Sonata web site? jack hardie
  14. Jack Hardie

    Mast Bend/bent

    ...and you've read all the Steve Goacher tips on this web site? jack hardie
  15. Jack Hardie

    advice please

    The usual rule of thumb for maximum displacement boat speed is 1.2 times the square root of the waterline length in feet which gives 5.2 knots for a Sonata. You'd be doing well to hit your max displacement speed going upwind. Be interesting to hear what others have clocked. Although I think paddle-wheel logs are not the most accurate of instruments anyway. jack hardie