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Saraband is actually my second Sonata and was bought after my boss tried to persuade me to move from Cheshire to Scotland in 2001.....my wife and I were actually keen to move but by playing difficult the cash incentive increased several times, ensuring that we had not only cash to fund the move but to also buy a Sonata! (Our first Sonata was Frank 8025N and was owned in a partnership and mainly sailed in North Wales and Windermere, with a nationals in Scarborough and various trips north to Tarbert)


We really enjoy the Sonata and have raced her on the Clyde, Forth, off Abersoch, Strangford Lough, Whitby, Sunderland and also on various lakes such as Coniston and Windermere. Living in Scotland we did however discover a brilliant event, West Highland Week, and decided that whilst Sonatas have done it, it would be easier in a bigger boat. Not wanting just another all-too common French plastic tub we found an old 3/4 tonner, a GK34, complete with bendy mast and runners and stuck a cruising interior into it.....cheap sailing and amazing performance. Sails by Goacher keep the money in the Sonata family!! One year at West Highland Week we raced with 7 on board, one night we had 9 to sleep and 13 for dinner....with most either being Snottie crews or owners, with a rogue but otherwise friendly First 23 crew also joining us.


A RS300 and a co-owned Flying Dutchman and Hornet complete the fleet, which one day will include a 30 square metre, my all-time dream boat!

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