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  1. Euan Aitken

    Class Development

    Hi Chris nice to see you back at the helm even if temporarily.... some interesting ideas may be a threat to the OD status but so is reduced numbers. good luck for the year ahead Euan wicked wookie
  2. Euan Aitken

    info request!

    While web trawling i did find this (extracted from the 2004 round the island race results) Entry details list Tom Laessing as owner / skipper not much but its a start National Sonata Sail Name Finished Elapsed Pos GBR8107N MISS RED 15:20:58 08:10:58 1 8305N PICCOLO 15:27:27 08:17:27 2 GBR8036 XANTZ 15:30:43 08:20:43 3 GBR8312N ARGO 15:31:11 08:21:11 4 GBR8051 LITTLE SCARLET 15:33:01 08:23:01 5 GBR8166N MARGE 15:33:15 08:23:15 6 GBR8043 HIGH NOTE 15:36:21 08:26:21 7 GBR8408N FSHARP 15:45:32 08:35:32 8 K8313N SPELLBOUND 15:57:30 08:47:30 9 GBR8000 APPASSIONATA 16:03:39 08:53:39 10 K8429N WOODWIND 16:04:51 08:54:51 11 GBR8075N ANDANTE DID NOT COMPETE GBR8104N FAT HEN DID NOT COMPETE
  3. Euan Aitken

    Boat Info required

    Hi Rory Extracted from a spring 1994 sonata association newletter So old now that the boat is now more than double the quoted 13 years old it was then But hey thought it might interest you. T R I N G A ' S T R I P I am enclosing a cheque (late as usual) for cruising membership for 'Tringa'. Me, having returned to university (I am an ex RN Officer retraining as a Naval architect) and 'Tringa' being 13 years old, we cannot afford/are not up to mixing with the racing fraternity! However, I thought you might be interested to hear about our summer cruise last year to the Morbihan. We left Studland Bay early July bound for France and after one false start because the outboard packed up, had an excellent crossing to Cherbourg. We arrived in daylight clocking 9 knots as we surfed down the waves. From Cherbourg we popped along the coast to Omonville La Rogue (very pretty) where the outboard packed up again forcing us to sail with no back up engine to Alderney the next day in a force six. It was no problem, just a bit wet and the Mainbrayce organisation in Braye finally sorted us out with a new stop button for the outboard. We continued on, through the Swinge at slack water to St Peterport where the weather deteriorated and we sat for five days. Then there was a window in the weather and we pressed on to Treguier (or Tregs as it became known) where we were again stuck for five days but there is plenty to explore - the estuary (and the supermarket sold gin!) so we were OK. Itching to press on, we finally got the chance although the weather was forecast to deteriorate and we continued west first to Ploumanac'h, then Bloxon (good for meeting crew as it is an anchorage next to the Roscoff ferry terminal with an excellent duty free warehouse!) and then on to L'Aberwrac'h. The weather had never settled and it was forecast to deteriorate again later in the day as we rushed our of L'Aberwrac'h to get through the Chenal du Four with the tide. In fact we ended the day having an excellent spinnaker run from the bottom of the Chenal to Camaret and the weather broke overnight. Two days later we sailed to Morgat through an amazing reef of rocks that look like dogs' teeth and then had an early start to get through the Raz de Seine at the right moment. This stretch of water (remarkably short) has a really menacing feel to it and although it gave us no problems I would not fancy being there at the wrong state of tide. I'd hoped to get further that day but the wind died as soon as we got through the Raz so we stopped off in Audierne overnight and I had my first swim - it was just as cold as England! We pressed on to Benodet on a glorious day (the first for ages) with the kite flying. Benodet was probably the best place we went to and we stayed there a couple of days. The first night there was a jazz band playing on the waterfront in Sainte Marine (where we were moored opposite Benodet itself) and the atmosphere was brilliant. We were sad to leave but the Morbihan beckoned and after a night at anchor off Ille aux Moines we stopped off in Belle Isle as we were missing the next chart. I'd always dreamed of being in Belle Isle and Le Palais was a charming little town. The following day, 3 August, we arrived in the Morbihan on a gloriously hot day and experienced the 5 knot rollercoaster tidal streams for the first time. We were there for three wonderful, hot sunny days and loved every minute. One night we motored up to Vannes, the others we lay at anchor or on moorings. Then we had to head for home and had a variety of weather as we returned via Doelan, Concarneau to Audierne again. After a dawn start the following day we had the most amazing sail, passing through the Raz de Seine, popping into Camaret for bread/cheese/gin and then continuing up the Chenal du Four at 7-8 knots with the spinnaker flying, arriving in L'Aberwrac'h at dusk. 8 Cathy, my girlfriend, and I had been alone up until this time but were joined in Bloxon a day or two later by a friend, Caroline, who had been stormbound with us for most of her holiday the previous year in Salcombe and Fowey. We went first to Morlaix (wonderful place) then to Trebeurden and Port Blanc. We had originally planned on a short hop back across the channel but now with three of us, an overnight sail wouldn't be so arduous ...and my parents live in Fowey ...and it was my birthday the next day. On 17 August it was blowing a six at least but the forecast kept saying 4-5 and after lunch I thought we should nose out and have a look - we could always come back and the wind must be just a local one. In fact conditions did improve and by the 1750 forecast we weren't getting wet quite so often. The forecast said East 3-4 so I was happy to press on and so were the others. We had an excellent sail and would have been in Fowey for a late breakfast! In fact the wind died and our speed dropped to 2 knots - the ideal speed for mackerel. We'd been fishing for six weeks with very limited success but today there was no problem and we had six good fish in no time (and the one that got away was MASSIVE!) We stayed in Fowey for the rest of the week and then headed home. The most interesting part of our trip back was seeing a pack of pilot whales in Lyme Bay. We arrived back in Haslar Creek, Portsmouth having sailed some 1200 miles and the boat had performed like a dream (although she did leak a little!) We would do the same again, given the time... and Southern Ireland is looking appealing this year! Mark Martin 'Tringa'
  4. Euan Aitken

    info request!

    Hi Stuart Welcom to the Fleet I am afraid I know nothing about the boat you have bought but the good news is very little isnt repairable as Sonatas are pretty simple little beasties when it comes down to it. I refitted Wicked Wookie (formerly The Reiver) after i bought her in November 2008. What looked like a nightmare, and had me phoning my big brother in a panic at the start, realy turned out to be pretty straight forward when you took it a step at a time and I have to say i am very pleased with the results and the satisfaction gleened from doing the work myself is Huge. In what way is she in a bad way ? I did take some before, after and progress shots with a view to doing a webpage for the boat ...(... but a daughter came along and she has found other uses for that kind of spare time If I can help with info at all give me a shout
  5. Euan Aitken

    Any Info on Ey-Up GBR 8432n

    I know until a few years ago she was owned by a friend of my brother..... cant remember his name. But the boat during the years he owned it was not raced and was generaly fair weather sailed as a day cruiser often solo. I remember it being in very good condition and was complete below decks. At the time I last saw her she was sat on the hard on a purpose built galvanised indespension trailer. If its still on that trailer (all be it that could be a 10 year old trailer by now) I would say 4k sounds like a steal. But then boats can go down hill fast if not looked after i suppose. I will ask my brother if he remembers more.
  6. Euan Aitken

    What about Whitby?

    Hi Chris Sorry to say i will not be able to attend Whitby, I have the time, I could even find the finance to travel, May even be able to persuade the wife that its a really good idea (Whitby looks lovely)and I may even be able to persuade some crew to come (again I don,t think it would be a hard sell) What I cannot get round at least this year (and most likely next year) is that i have no trailer and no suitable car to tow with. Both of which will not be a small expense to put right. Once again I wish those who travel all the best of luck and wish i was with you.
  7. Euan Aitken

    CYCA handicap

    Just checked my CYCA certifcate and as Niel says the Snotty handicap is 20 but mine also has a TCF for that handicap of 0.667 I dont know if that is of any use to someone who can do maths
  8. Euan Aitken

    CYCA handicap

    435-465kilo would be about right for 1/3 ratio on a boat weighing 1300-1400 kilo so looks abut right to me. My last numbers in the deleted post for anyone who read it before i got rid of it I had mixed lbs and kilos which threw the numbers right out ..... unless its a sigma 33 cheers for info Niel
  9. Euan Aitken

    CYCA handicap

    ***Edit*** Deleted as i had my numbers all wrong !!
  10. Euan Aitken

    Boat Insurance

    /blush ...... I don't plan on making the Kip mishap a regular thing ....
  11. Euan Aitken

    Pre Nationals events

    Hi Tim Any update on entries since this post.
  12. Euan Aitken

    Boat Insurance

    Hi Mark I use Giles Insurance Brokers in Irvine, A nice chap by the name of Jim Bell who is there Marine Manager sorts it for me. This year it was with Groves John and Westrup but i am sure it was someone else last year. I cant honestly say whether he is cheap or not as I didn't really shop around, I just went to him as my uncle and brother have both used him for years and he is very easy to deal with. See you at Scottish if you want to compare notes Contact Details Jim Bell Giles Insurance Brokers 43/47 Bank St Irvine Tel ;- 01294-315-481
  13. Euan Aitken

    Flares at Scottish Series

    Below was extracted from the NoR for Kip Regatta, Looks to me like you were checked WAY over what you had to carry for the event but its allways nice to know that you are up to spec if you have to do any passage race. 6.4 Dayboats, Sportsboats and One-Design classes unable to meet Offshore Special Regulations Category 4 and / or having an IRC certificate endorsed D must as a minimum conform to IRC Rule 2009 paras: 29.3 A Dayboat shall be self righting at 60 degrees heel. 29.4 As amended, the following items shall be carried by these boats when racing: 29.4.1 A bilge pump & bucket. 29.4.2 An engine or two paddles or two oars. 29.5.3 One anchor and suitable warp. 29.4.4 A compass. 29.4.5 One lifejacket and whistle for each crew member. 29.4.6 Two red hand flares. With the exception of the flares i think our own OD rules cover the rest. Going forward I as an owner would prefer to see the above format adopted rather than a move to cat 4, Although as i said before i think my boat would pass a cat 4 inspection with the excpetion of radar reflector, flares, and spotlight, but then as skipper that is my choice to carry that gear.
  14. Euan Aitken

    Flares at Scottish Series

    Thanks for the 2nd opinion Catherine. I will most likley replace what I have like for like then. I would love to do the Northerns but between holidays, (or lack of) No Trailer, and the impending insurance excess from my mishap at kip weekend I think i will have to skip it this year. but you never know, stuff changes and things sometimes work out so we shall see If i do miss it good luck to all.
  15. Euan Aitken

    Flares at Scottish Series

    Hi Guys I was going through the Scottish Series NoR and I am struggling to see what to replace my out of date flares with .... 14.2 Subject to 14.4 and 14.5 below yachts in all classes competing during BDSS 2010 shall comply as a minimum with ISAF Offshore Special Regulations Category 4 minus lifejacket lights ISAF Reg. 5.01.2 item C and Spotlight ISAF Reg. 4.23.2 item B. It is however strongly recommended that yachts carry a spotlight for general safety reasons. All other ISAF safety regulations for ISAF Cat 4 will be taken as published and valid on the dates on which the series is running. Copies of the applicable regulations are available from the ISAF web site. 14.4 Yachts racing in separate One Design and Level Rating Classes shall comply with the minimum equipment regulations in their class rules. I see nothing in our one design rules about flares, but as i read the above our OD rules overule the cat 4 rule. Now my boat is basicly cat4 as i race it day in day out and usualy i sail with 2 hand held red and 2 hand held orange (which need replaced) .... what is everyone else taking or have i misread the above rules. cheers in advance