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  1. Hello Chris, Congratulations (?) on becoming class chairman again. Your enthusiasm for the class is superb. Hopefully this means that you will delay your blue water plans and come and do the RTI again in 2018, nine hour ding-dong battle this year was one of the highlights of my sailing season. I agree with much of what you say. You are quite right that there are not many boats which will give you as much enjoyment on such a limited budget. Nat also makes a very good point that not having to rely on a large crew is a huge benefit. To keep two Sonatas crewed throughout our Tuesday evening series this Summer took a crew pool of fifteen and even then there were many occasions when we only had three per boat. We had four Sonatas in Cowes Week this year, the most for a number of years. We were racing in under IRC in class 7 where the entry was the lowest I can remember with only two Folkboats, an H Boat a Jo Richards' 'special' based on an Alacrity 19, and an Elizabethan. With one or two exceptions nearly the whole fleet in class 7 were Cowes based boats. The Southerns at SeaView was a great event and if the Southerns are at Poole in 2018 then we will attend. Medway may be a bit of a stretch but let's see. I am happy to volunteer as a Solent Rep unless someone else wants the role. £10 membership for early payment works for me and is a good idea. The bursary seems reasonable to me as it helps promote the class. I'd go one further and pay the bursary AND entry fees for any boat entering a class event with at least three of the crew aged under 25. I managed to lose my sonata.org.uk boom stickers but think they are a great idea, can we get some more printed? Sonata shirts are also a good suggestion. One proposal I'd like to make is that we consider adding another manufacturer's mast to our class rules. At the moment only Selden make a rule compliant 'stick' but it's expensive...........and I should know! During our most recent re-rig I went to Z Spars for a quote and it was approximately 50% of the cost of the Selden but it's not 'in class'. Z Spars told me that they have supplied masts for a number of Sonatas recently.......all of which will now be out of class. Perhaps Steve might be willing to look at the Z Spar spec and advise if we could sensibly amend the class rules to allow it? Good luck as chairman and hope to see you and Sharon in 2018. Chris KALLISTA GBR8404N
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