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  1. Steven Rolland

    Mast Step

    Hi All, Our mast base that the mast sits on, is bolted through the fibreglass of the coach roof, through some wood and another layer of fibreglass before being in contact with the main bulhead. The wood looks like it may have rotted. Presumably the water entering through the bolt holes. Does anyone have experience of this? Is the wood structural itself or is it essentially part of the manufacturing process and once the fibreglass has formed, does that take the compression? Thanks in advance, Steven #
  2. Steven Rolland

    Nationals 2013

    Hi All, A message from Brian Corry who is organising the Nationals next year: Regards, Steven
  3. The Medway Fleet are looking at doing some Team Racing next year. If any other fleets would like to give this ago, then hopefully towards the end of next year, we'll be able to invite other teams down to the MYC, potentially in borrowed Medway boats, to compete with us. If you would like to try this at your home fleet, contact Steven Rolland (steven-sf@furncrafts.co.uk) and visit www.2kteamracing.com for more information. Regards, Steven Figaro, MYC.
  4. Steven Rolland

    Class Rule Changes

    Copied from Facebook: Rebecca Guéno (1) Not keen on the Dyneema suggestion; (2) Skippers should be permitted to carry any extra safety kit at their discretion; (3) Don't see the need for additional wind instruments but I guess this should be discretionary ... (4) Should be "VHF" not "Hand Held VHF" ... We tend to carry both fixed and hand-held most of the time; (5) I know it's petty but I don't see the need for section C.5(a)(6) unless going offshore; (6) Have you ever seen a sonata which complies with C.5(a)(7)?
  5. Steven Rolland

    Class Rule Changes

    Wind Instruments: I agree with Peter's interpretation, I don't think they are currently allowed. However, there is a case for explicitly allowing them. As Peter says, they are now a bit cheaper: £192 for a NASA, but seem to go up to £500. One design, I can't seeing it make too much difference, apart from the period when some boats have them and others don't. I guess it could make Sonata's a bit more competative under handicap, where I guess most Sonata's race or will do during their lifetime. That could be a good reason to allow them. Electronic Compasses: If they are being used and no one has spoken out against them, then these should be considered too. I think they are about the same price as a Wind Instrument? These could potentially make a bigger increase in performance than Wind Instruments. Allowing both would land owners with a large bill to keep up with though, but perhaps that should not be a consideration and allow owners to catch up at their own speed. Dyneema Guard Rails: Agree with Ed. If ISAF Cat 4 say you can, then there isn't really a case for not doing it. Just wish I hadn't bought a new set last year Is there any leeway to making rules open for equipment and closed for hull and rigging? Define the minimum and explicitly ban things that we don't want when it comes to equipment and keep closed rules when it comes to measurements, sails, rigging etc.
  6. Steven Rolland

    Members Only Forum

    Yes, it has been quiet. I'll ask for it to be brought up at the AGM.
  7. According to an obituary in the Sunday Times today, Roger Eglin, journalist, built his own Sonata ‘Fruselli’ and holds a record for six consecutive overall wins at Cowes Week. Does anyone have any memories of Roger, or know about the boat at all?
  8. Steven Rolland

    Sonata Facebook Page!

    Hi all, The Association now has an official Sonata Facebook page. If you are have a Facebook account then please "become a fan" of it. The name of the page "Sonata Sailing". Sonata Sailing on Facebook It has a list of events, photos, links and other exciting things on it so become a fan and have a look! Regards, Steven Rolland 'Figaro' Medway Sonata Representative
  9. Steven Rolland

    Forehatch opening direction

    All forehatches I've seen on a Sonata open with the opening to the rear. I believe this is now a safety requirement for new boats following a few accidents including the death of Ted Heath's Nephew who was sailing Ted's boat, Morning Cloud 3, back from Burnham Week to the South Coast. They forgot to lock the forehatch and the waves going across the deck lifted it and swamped the boat. Not a drastic priority as long as you lock it in heavy weather but if you have the opportunity, might as well change it round. The only down side I can see is that it is easier to step on if is open, but we've never found it a problem.
  10. Steven Rolland

    Isle of Wight Round the Island 2010

    Yes, we'd be happy racing IRC if we enter it again. Regards, Steven 'Figaro'
  11. Steven Rolland

    Isle of Wight Round the Island 2010

    I agree, it did seem a shame last year to enter the worlds largest sailing race and compete against eight or nine other boats. Maybe we need a discussion on whether it is for IRC or ISCRS. I would probably vote for IRC, although the boat is supposed to be a more family orientated racer/cruiser so maybe ISCRS would be more in the spirit of the class. Steven "Figaro"
  12. Steven Rolland

    Cowes 2010

    Hi all, We're doing Cowes Week again this year, after having a great time in 2009. Who else is thinkig of going? Cheers, Steven "Figaro"
  13. Steven Rolland

    Dropping the Mast and Anti Fouling

    Hi Dan, There is nothing special to worry about when dropping the mast. If you are dropping it yourself for the first time then you probably want three or four people around so you have spare hands should you find anything that you haven't considered. Once you've done it a couple of times then you can do it easily with two people. If you are using a hoist or similar then it is a lot simpler obviously. If you are dropping it without a hoist etc, then there is a description here: http://www.sonata.org.uk/board/index.php?showtopic=399 If dropping without a hoist then you replace the forestay with the jib halyard. And so you detach it once the halyard is holding the mast up. I'm not sure of the exact procedure if using a hoist, I guess you detach it as soon as the hoist has the weight. The shounds can be left tensioned when you drop the mast, but before you raise it is best to loosen them slightly. Your sail maker should be able to advise on tensions, if you can't find out or if Goacher is your sailmaker then the Goacher Sails website has a good tuning guide (http://www.goachersails.co.uk/sonata.html#Anchor-SONATA). Like any paint you can paint over the top (if applying similar stuff), but at some point the layers of paint get so thick it is best to start again. As you say, use wet and dry to abraid the stuff that's already on there. Use plenty of water on the paper as antifoul is extremely toxic, you don't want to be breathing in any dust. You can use normal metal primer on the keel, and also hamerite to get rid of the rust. Hope this helps, let me know if anything needs clarifying or you want more information. Cheers, Steven
  14. Steven Rolland

    Rudder Bracket

    Ah! I was looking at these the other day, and have been wondering the same thing! They must have been put in when the boat is built. Are they bolted into a threaded plate which is glassed in between the transom? That was the only way I could think it was done. In that case, maybe drill the old one out and put a bigger one in. Have nothing more useful to add though
  15. Steven Rolland

    going up the mast

    On the way down you can leave them connected. As the mast goes back they will slacken. Loosen the bottle screws before raising though. Not sure whether it was just a typing error, but you lower the mast with the jib halyard. The forestay is disconnected once the halyard is to take its place.