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  1. Hi Folks, If any one has a Sonata Cradle surplus to requirements which is in reasonable condition I am in need of one.... Please get in contact! Tom White 07887 574297
  2. Tom White


    I bought a 2nd hand 4 Wheel tilt bed car transporter on ebay. It's excellent. The cradle with boat on top is easily winched onto and rolled off the trailer. The cradle has small "Dolly Wheels" like most Sonata Cradles. If you launch down a smooth slipway the trailers bearings never get near the water salt or fresh. Towing is a dream. With boat off the trailer either in the water or on cradle in back yard you can use the empty trailer to shift all those old cars and other junk from here to there to your hearts content! Cost was
  3. Tom White

    Spinnaker chute system

    Hi Peter, The original concept was to have a chute which ran through the cabin. The end was attached to a strap eye or similar on the inner face of the port hand side of the companion way. The Chute then ran fwd. and had a removable webbing strop suspended as it passed through the main bulkhead into the forepeak. this stoped it sagging too much as it passed throught the cabin. Stiched into the chute was a large rubber ring (the sort that you see dog lovers throwing round parks at their best friends) This sat on the fwd face of the bow well and was held in place by the other end of the chute being tightened. The Spinnakers had a central retreiving point to which a retreiving line was attached. Crew could pull the kite back into it's chute from the cockpit. Halyard, Sheets and Guys ran up and out of the bow well & then through the hoop on the pullpit and off to their normal positions from there. The concept was an ok one but in practice the whole thing was not very good. There was loads of friction in the system and it had the risk factor of letting in gallons of water in the right conditions as has been described before. My advice is not to bother restoring that bit. If your insurers do not insist in the hole being glassed over I suggest a twist type plastic inspection hatch cover be used. This can be taken out when not sailing to aid ventilation. Yours aye TOM WHITE Pizzicato Hamble
  4. Tom White

    Single Point Lift

    George, I'd be very interested in your single point lifting system. Please send pics and description to: tom.white@uwclub.net Yours aye Tom White Pizzicato Hamble
  5. Tom White

    Restoring a neglected Sonata to racing condition.

    Hi George, Great to hear that you are now engaged on your project. As you can see from the replys you are getting the Sonata Class is very friendly and helpful. I do hope you will join the association. Membership application form can be found else where on the site. Concerning the wedges under the aft two Stantions you'll need to replace them to keep in class rules and to be honnest I think the boat is going to look a bit strange with out them: The Stantions will poke out in a rather ungainly way! Get hold of a little Teak or Iroko. Concerning the travelller system, the bridle used and described by Steve Goacher is well recognised as a reliable and cheap system to use. I was fortunate enough to pick up the right sized Harken "windward sheeteing car" on e-bay and have used it to good effect for many years. Regards TOM WHITE PIZZICATO - Hamble
  6. Tom White

    Looking for Sonata in Solent Area

    Hi Russell, Yes I have one for sale. "G-String" Restored over the last couple of years, raced at Cowes '05 & '06 and the Nationals in Abersoch '05. Not yet advertised. Currently lying ashore in Romsey, Hants. Call me if you are interested - 07887 574297. Tom White
  7. Tom White

    Flatbed For Sonata

    Hi Ian, Good to hear that you are buying a Sonata. Hope you join the Association You should hire a "tilt flat bed car transporter breaked trailer with hydraulic tilt mechanism" 1. Place trailer infront or boat on cradle 2. Use hydraulic tilt to tilt the bed. 3. Attach trailer winch cable to cradle in front of keel 4. Wind boat + cradle onto tilted trailer bed making sure keel remains on centerline 5. When keel looks as though it will end up over the axles if the bed is lowered, go ahead and lower the bed slowly with the hydraulics. 6. move boat back or fwd. to obtain a towing weight on the tow hitch. (should be able to lift the hitch by hand with a grunt!) 7. Secure the cradle fore and aft with combination of ratchet strops and the trailer winch. 8 Use ratchet strops from trailer right over the boat fore & aft to secure boat + cradle down to the trailer. To remove baot from trailer reverse the process. It's really easy! Call me if you want more advice! (01794) 515044 Yours aye Tom White
  8. Tom White

    forestay - tightening

    Hello Helge, Because the shrouds on the Sonata are almost in line with the mast (Not swept back) they provide very little forestay tension. Tension comes from both the Main Sheet and the Backstay. Sonata Sailors get used to the fact that there is a "sag" in the forestay but that does not mean that the boat sails slowly. You just have to get used to it and develop the right technique! I suggest you read Steve Goachers tunig guide: http://www.goachersails.co.uk/sonata.html Good luck and happy Sonata Sailing! TOM