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  1. murray caldwell

    New Rudder and Boom

    Both Sold
  2. murray caldwell

    New Rudder and Boom

    I have a minimum weight MK1 Milanes rudder and a seldon boom for sale, both brand new and unused, If anyone is interested please email murraycaldwell@hotmail.com
  3. murray caldwell

    IYE Mast Foot

    I have this which i think is from a holt mast and ill have a proctor one as well if you want to try?
  4. Also Free Lift In.Out being provided!
  5. It is great that we are talking about this because i do believe that when you can get the date fixed early you are more likely to get more boats. I too would prefer a monday to friday event! When travelling, it is much better being able to do so at the weekend when commercial traffic is alot lower. I feel you get more sailing and easyer more relaxing traveling for the same amount of time off work.
  6. Joe, I think we could be OK with July dates! Murray
  7. Both dates should be clear of West Highland Week, It had only been changed this year because of the Commonwealth Games.
  8. murray caldwell

    Road trailer for sale

    Hi David, Is this trailer still avalible? Kind Regards Murray
  9. murray caldwell

    Gunwhale strips

    Hi Rob, I think you can get it from www.wilks.co.uk I found there name on the Impala 28 website. http://www.impala28.co.uk/maintenance/fendering/ Kind Regards Murray
  10. murray caldwell

    spare rudder

    Hi Paul, Does it come with any fittings or is it just the wood bit? Kind Regards Murray
  11. murray caldwell

    A few questions

    Hi Dan, I launch my sonata down our slip at cove sailing club no problem, there is also no problem with living on a mooring some use both cleats but i have never bothered. Two reasonably strong folk can do the mast quite easily.. Regards Murray P.S I know of a boat with trailer/cradle combie in Gourock for sale if you want the owners details?
  12. murray caldwell

    Northerns/Inlands 2013

    Catherine, Thank you for organising these events Regarding Inlands, Personally I would try to make it no mater where it is! I presume its Lake District somewhere? It’s been 5 years since I have sailed down there and would love to go back. Not really bothered where, although I have never sailed on Coniston before! Do they still have some Sonata's there?. Where would the regular people whoTravel like to go? Regards Murray
  13. murray caldwell

    Rule Changes - Conclusion

    FYI, Just made 2 saloon berth cushons for my sonata, they are slightly bigger than minimum size @ 1880x650x100 with vinyl covers and weights 5.3KG each.