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  1. I have a lifting keel sonata on the Bristol channel and my outboard has given up the ghost. I was wondering what the smallest outboard other owners are using on the back of there boats. I was wondering if a 2.5hp would be good enough? Any help on this topic would be a great help. King Regards Tom Sully Fantasy (5103Y)
  2. Hi, I am looking for a working jib suitable for hank on and mast in a decent condition previous owner may have put a slight bend in it any help would be great. Cheers Tom Fantasy
  3. Hi, I have a lifting keel Sonata in the Bristol channel in which I have spent all winter doing up and participating in a few local regattas and would like to travel further. I would look at making the trip down as well as join the association and possible other events if it was a go ahead. Tom Fantasy
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