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  1. Hi Chris, I'll be the first to kick things off then. I own Meltemi, a lift keel version which has the sail number 210. Sailed on Ullswater in the Lake District and bought from Brightlingsea. Previously she was based at Penzance so she's been about a bit! She's just undergone something of a refit so should be good for a lot more years. I've already posted on this site about whether 210 is also the hull number as I can't find any markings anywhere inside or outside the hull. Regards Tim Ellis, Penrith, Cumbria.
  2. Thanks for replying Mark. The mainsail is definitely Sonata, has the insignia and is a Goacher. I don't know that the sail doesn't belong to the boat, just that I have no evidence to say it does, so I can't rely on that for proof. Thanks for the tip on hull number, I will wriggle down to the end with a torch next time I check on the boat! Also I've managed to track down where she used to once sail at Penzance SC and the cruiser secretary has said she would pass my enquiries on to the previous owners so that might also shed some light. I read on another post on the forum that somebody else says their hull number is 17 so I shall get to the bottom of this eventually! Regards Tim Meltemi (????)
  3. I have bought a Sonata which is reputedly hull no. 017 but can find no markings to confirm this. The mainsail has 210 on it so is this normally the hull number? No proof that the sail was made for the boat so can't trust that. Is there a register of Sonatas anywhere showing hull numbers etc? Mine is currently called Meltemi and has been in Penzance and Essex previously but now is up in Cumbria. Any advice or knowledge of her history gratefully received. Tim Ellis
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