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  1. The rig is now on Ebay at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Complete-sailing-rig-for-Hunter-Duette-23-Sonata-mast-boom-sails-rigging-/322074359155?
  2. Please see my latest posting in this forum. David.
  3. Hello all, I've just bought a Duette, "Weaverbird" ex "Alicia" ex "Minuette", sail number 065, built in 1989. I intend to convert her to junk rig (please don't try to dissuade me, I've sailed under junk rig for 40 years and 110,000 miles :-) ) and as a result, I need to dispose of the entire bermudan rig. I have no idea whether the Duette rig is identical to the Sonata rig, but they must be similar, at least, mustn't they? The mast and boom are by Z spars, I believe; there is also a spinnaker pole. The standing rigging was renewed by Moodys in 2002; the running rigging isn't up to much. The mainsail and headsail were made by Shore Sails in 2002; there is also a spinnaker, make unknown. New sail cover in 2004. The Plastimo halyard swivel is seized up, so I haven't tried the headsail, but I brought Weaverbird back home from Fleetwood to Ravenglass under mainsail, so I know that works. The rig can be seen, still aboard, at Ravenglass. Please make a derisory offer for any or all of the parts. Collection only for the spars, but I could despatch the sails. David.
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