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  1. Thanks Mark, that's great - will go for 8mm dyneema & the smaller clutch.
  2. I need to replace the halyard cleats on Tango & am trying to work out whether to get 4-8mm or 6-12mm. All the halyards that came with the boat are 10mm, but that seems quite big. What's the normal size for Sonatas?
  3. That makes a lot of sense, thanks. My set up at the moment really doesn't work short handed as the kite halyard cleats off high on the mast & the kicker on a swivel cleat just aft of the mast - however, it's very good to know that it's possible to do a set up that would work for crewed or solo.
  4. I've read that Sonatas were originally configured with all lines coming back to the cockpit. Mine has since been modified to allow several controls to be operated from the foredeck & rail. I'm keen to race two-handed so would like to go back to the original layout. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a photo and/or description of this? Or of any other system that would be suitable for single/double-handed sailing?
  5. Hi - I've just bought a Sonata & need to replace the kite sheets & get a new pair of ratchet blocks for them. The old sheets are 6mm but a crew member has complained that they're tough to hold in a breeze. Would 8mm be too heavy? Also, re blocks. I asked Harken what size & they said they'd previously specced 57mm for a Sonata. But then they said 75mm would be a sensible choice for improved holding. Happy to get the larger ones if necessary but it's an extra £30 so if it's not necessary I'll get the smaller size. Any suggestions/help very much appreciated!
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