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  1. Tiger Rag

    Windermere Inlands - February 2018

    Sounds interesting, where can I find the details, can't see anything on Facebook
  2. Tiger Rag

    Class Development

    Hi Chris, Thought I might be walking into that one. Not exactly that sort of chap at present I'm afraid. I tend not to have time to commit to much - infact I have resigned from Rear Commodore Race at Whitby Yacht Club (that's where I'm based!) this season as I didn't have time to do the job as I would like. However, my time on committees has given me insight into these things and how frustrating it is when no-one has time to help or even respond, so I will try to give what assistance I can. I'll try get you some info about the Sonata situation in the NE. It is the same Tiger Rag. I have old log books written by Sandy Woodward. It was in fact Sandy who eventually decided he was too old to cope with the big one-design genoa and so fitted the furler and went into handicap racing. Next owners (a group on the Solent) continued this, with some success too - winning 1/8th ton cup. It was back at West Mersea when I bought it, off a lad who'd fulfilled his dream of moving up to a yacht from dinghies only to get disheartened by a lack of crew! Nat
  3. Tiger Rag

    Class Development

    Hello again, Thanks again for your efforts here Chris. I agree with your point that relaxing the rules risks upsetting the keen races and actually wouldn't want to see them relaxed too far, even though I'm very much in the club racer group. So before any keeno racers get upset, here's my thoughts. Many club racers are already sailing with 2 and so are out of class even if their boats are standard. This means they can't join in any class events even if they are on their doorstep without having to find extra crew, and if a club has a one-design fleet they're not technically in it. This may well stop them committing to events. eg. I've been looking at Windermere winter racing - that's a series I'd like to do in future - but it would be just the wife and me so we couldn't join the one-design class they're hoping to have. I don't really think the boats need changing, it is possible to race with 2 without extra gear. Although I've been racing with my boat rigged as when I bought it (which includes a furler) I regularly race against a 2-handed but otherwise in class sonata, and my intention was to go that way myself next season. (At present, by the way, I can't touch the standard boat to windward until he gets over-pressed - only then is being able to quickly lose some sail useful. To be fair he is more experienced and basically out-sailing me though). So basically, I strongly favor reducing the minimum crew to 2. But I think that allowing furlers etc. needs careful consideration. An in-between sail size would help lighter crews and may be a better option. Nat.
  4. Tiger Rag

    An Important Class Message

    Hi, I first tried to post this on Tuesday but it hasn't been letting me, maybe because I'm new, but if the forum won't let me post I can't be blamed for not responding to the above. First of all, thank you Chris, I agree with much of your message and you're desire to prompt the class into responding. Actually I'm quite disappointed that I'm only 2nd to reply after 2 days, and I'm sure Chris must be more disappointed so come on people! - hopefully it's just no-one wanting to go first, so I shall have a go. Quick intro as very few of you will know me. I bought my Sonata, Tiger Rag, last winter and sail her at Whitby. I've been racing at Whitby since 2010 - Tiger Rag is my 3rd boat, I downsized from a 1/2 tonner. This season we have been getting used to the boat club racing at Whitby. Next season we plan to be more active and travel to an away event or two. So I'm not an expert on the Sonata fleet, but as a new owner I can tell what attracted me to the class - and so what should be attractive to others. Less crew required. This was the biggie, to race the 1/2 tonner needed at least 4 (supposed to have 7) and I simple got sick of chasing crew, so I wanted a boat the the wife and I could take on our own Competitive on handicap. Whilst struggling with an under-crewed 30 footer the Sonatas which were able to keep up and then bag all the prizes on handicap (NERR system in Whitby - it's a measurement system a bit like IRC used on the North East Coast) made me rather envious. Many club races will tell you it's the taking part that counts - then they complain when they lose. Cost. I was able to sell my old boat pocket 2/3 of the cash and buy Tiger Rag with the rest. And moorings and maintenance are cheaper too. Trailable. 3 reasons this is important - I can take it home for winter to work on as I live an hour from the coast, I have more chance of getting to away events (the dream of sailing there in a big boat was simply to time consuming), I won't get stuck paying storage on it if I'm ever unable to use it for a while - I'll simply take it home. One design class. Other than the opportunity to race like for like at events the attraction of this to me is that you know what you're getting and that there are plenty of people around with the same thing who can give advice. My last boat was a much rarer thing so I could find little information on it - and sometimes its performance (or lack of) was a complete mystery, I didn't know if it was me or the boat - If you can't make a Sonata go you know it's you! Back to point 1 then. As Chris mentioned people are choosing to sail short crewed. And a Sonata isn't a short crew boat - 4 crew required. Except that several Sonatas I know compete regularly in club races with 2, and do pretty well. I know I'm not the only person to buy a Sonata with the intention of 2-handing the majority of the time, it is actually a major benefit of our boats that they can be sailed well with less crew than the bigger boats. I wonder therefore if consideration should be given to allowing 2-handed boats into some events, the thought of having to find extra crew (and potentially disrupting a good team) may put some off doing even local events. Whilst 2-handers may struggling to compete at the very top I'm sure they could be worthwhile additions to the fleet - and I reckon in the right conditions surprise a few. Maybe a prize for top 2-hander will tempt them. (just an idea - but as no-one else has had any ideas ) Moving on to attracting new-comers. My experience is that the vast majority of new yachts in clubs are bought by crew members from other boats who fancy trying it for themselves. Sonatas should be very attractive for this as they are low cost and competitive. Perhaps the facts that they are relatively easy to sail and there is lots of advice available to new-comers need to be promoted somehow to attract these people. And finally events. Well if I'm going to get my boat onto it's trailer and tow it across the country to an event I want it to be worthwhile. And as I'm going to sail that means lots of racing. I think at least 3 preferably 4 days of densely packed racing. And a nice bar to go in afterwards. Cost will always be an issue so I think the bursary is good. And any other help we can wrangle - cheap lift in, moorings etc. And a shirt is always nice. Regional events maybe should be shorter weekend events. I do think effort should be made to get them going again too. I think the problem with the Northerns has been lack of volunteers at clubs to run them. I can only suggest the association does whatever it can to assist making the running as easy as possible for the hosts, maybe go as far as helping provide race officers. Right I think that's all from me for now. Oh, one last thing. I'd pay early if it was £10. Thanks, Nat