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  1. Looking to buy a good condition second hand, set of race sails to take part in the 2020 nationals so looking for something that has ideally only done a few events. Let me know what you have
  2. I am selling my single axle trailer for my boat Minim. The trailer has the original cradle mounted on it which has been professionally reinforced and welded last summer as had some corrosion - I've wire brushed and hammerited the cradle at the end of last season. The cradle has some corrosion which was treated but is serviceable - I have wooden splashes for the hull to sit on with foam padding - [I had planned to sheath these in glass fibre but just haven't got round to it!] The trailer bearings and brake pads were serviced and all replaced at the end of last season and the trailer hasn't entered the water since. This trailer would be ideal as a yard trolley or for short trips on the road without the expense of a full double axle trailer. The axle is a heavy duty one rated to 1900kgs Currently lying Cowes, Isle of Wight £800
  3. Wanted Plastimo sliding outboard bracket to suit standard Sonata rails. What have you guys got hidden away in your garages!!
  4. Hi Rob, I have a Henderson 'Chimp' pump that is surplus, would this me of interest?
  5. Hi All, I have recently become the new owner of Minim, I have never owned a Sonata and in fact, this is my first yacht so slightly in at the deep end - I am beginning to compile the long jobs list to get her back up together and back out racing this season but have a few questions which I hope you friendly lot might be able to help with! 1. Stanchion Bases - Minims bases are fixed straight to the deck - I believe this is original from 1976 but have seen that every other Sonata has wooden packers underneath the stanchion base. Would be great to know if anyone has had this issue in the past and actually whether the wooden packers are required or whether I can just re-seat. 2. Pushpit Reinforcement - I have seen the thread regarding having a third leg for the pushpit and this seems like a very sensible thing - does anyone have measurements or even do we have a metal maker in our association that can make such items?? 3. Traveller/Mainsheet swivel - Currently Minim has a very small traveller in the very centre of the cockpit - I am looking to upgrade this to a full cockpit width traveller with centre swivel mainsheet ratchet block and cam cleat. Again does anyone have a drawing for the metal work they put in or have made one? If anyone has an old traveller track I'd also be interested Many thanks Mark
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