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  1. Thanks Mark. As there's no exit from inside this mast except halyard holes which would probably foul cable (correct me if wrong) gave up. Also there are trees along the banks where i sail, sometimes unavoidable if oncoming vessel. I have now heard I only have to have masthead light if on seaways. Thanks.
  2. Mark, Tricky but possible, thanks.
  3. Good enough to protect mainsail on boom please. Doesn't have to be super smart as 32 yr old Liberty Star shows her age though I'm slowly applying TLC. Thanks for reading.
  4. Good morning I'm replying recognising your enthusiasm & in thanks for Mark's reply to my info request. Seemingly, you haven't had a heap of response IF I've followed correctly (getting used to site). If you have, which I hope, where will I find it? As mentioned in my request for info on installing masthead light cable (Mark replied), I'd like to find if there are other Sonatas on the Norfolk Broads, where else hull number may be if not inside of transom as I'd like to find Liberty Star's nee Stardust' history. Are Sonatas still made? I've meet a couple of people who had Sonatas 30 odd years ago when mine was built. One chap was quite moved on seeing my boat, recalling his own, confirming my choice of this boat for personality, functionality & sheer fun.
  5. Hi all I sail on the Norfolk Broads so any other Sonatas same region get in touch as tips or crew welcome. I'm a 'born again boater' after long years not sailing tho' with lots of dinghy experience to the end of school so I'm in revision & learning cabin boat handling now. Bought in May 2018, I'm slowly renovating my 32 year old Sonata 7. Currently, dealing with solar powered electrics specifically with nav lights. Any advice on ridding the tricolor plastic of weathering? From contact with Steve Goacher, a marine engineering firm & observation, the cable will have to be external to the mast. Anyone got experience of this? I dont want to use cable ties is am as Green as possible ie Buy less, share more, re-use, re-purpose...
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