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  1. Now in my mid seventies and having owned and raced my Sonata for 25 years I find it increasingly difficult to get crew and whilst I am reasonably happy to take new crew out and training them up I still find it difficult at times to get 4 of a crew and when I do have 4 there is usually a combined crew age approaching 250 or over. I rather doubt that I will ever do a regatta again unless it was a single day event. I also want a fairly simple rig e.g. furling genoa as I would like to do more cruising and often single handed so anything that makes short handed sailing easier I would agree to. The numbers racing on the Clyde East Patch have been falling away and we turn a blind eye to boats sailing with a crew of 2 and on one occasion a furling genoa but it would be nice for them to be legal even if it is only a local class rule to get more boats involved in racing. I do realise that these suggested changes are only due to my personal situation and we are really looking at getting more young people into racing but then the Sonata is probably not the favourite boat for young people today. Peter Booth Firebird GBR 8717N
  2. Hi Chris, Thank you for taking on the chair again. You have made a lot of very valid comments as have the 2 people who have responded. Regarding the class membership charges I think if you pay by standing order/ direct debit the cost should be cheaper say £15 otherwise it should be whatever the committee decide. Regarding racing I think that lifting keel boats and furling genoas should be permitted to race in class as a large number of the cruising boats have a furling genoa and it might encourage them to come out racing. I really don't know if lifting keels have any advantage but rather doubt it so it is really just getting extra boats on the water. I also think that only having 2 of a crew should be allowed as crewing is becoming a problem and there is rarely any benefit in being 2 up. Good luck Peter Booth Firebird
  3. Hi Chris, good to see you back taking an active part in Sonata activities. In the west of Scotland we have a Facebook page called West coast snottas as the national Sonata web site wasn't getting much response as you are now finding. I will highlight your activity on Facebook to see if that promotes the necessary response. Regards Peter Booth
  4. Hi Joachim, as you have described take one nut off and simply withdraw the bolt, once you have got the bolt a little way out you will be able to see if there is a sleeve on the bolt or not. If there is then get hold of the sleeve as well so that you pull that out along with the bolt the shrouds and forestay will then be able to withdrawn from the mast. It really is a simple operation as I am sure you will see. Peter
  5. Hello Joachim, the IYE masts were the original masts on the Sonata and the eyes on the top end of the shrouds and forestry is a soft eye i.e. it has no inner eyelet to protect it from wearing unlike the bottom end which is a hard eye. This is because the bolt is too large to pass through a hard eye. The bolt may have a sleeve on it but also might not it just depended on how early the boat was built. This bolt slides through the eyes on the 3 rigging wires. I find that the eye on the forestay wears very quickly and check them all every year but usually the forestay requires replacing every 3 to 4 years whereas the shrouds because they are always tight only require replacing every 10 years. It is the same arrangement for the lower shrouds as well. The wire is 19 strand 4mm and should be able to be made up by any organisation that makes rigging if you provide them with accurate lengths. In Britain they can be obtained on line from the likes of Jimmy Green Marine and may others.
  6. Hi Alan, Many years ago I replaced the mast foot on my Sonata IYE mast. I managed to get a mast foot from I think it was a Procter mast and initially it would not fit into the bottom of the IYE mast but using a power file I ground out the obstructing part and then bolted the the foot right through. I also had to replace the deck shoe to match the new foot and grind slots in the mast for the halyards to come out and run down to the blocks on the new mast foot. This arrangement is still working. Good luck Peter Booth
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