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  1. Catherine Hartley

    New Sonata Owner with questions

    Dear Tim Welcome to the sonata class - i am the class secretary and have all the records for boats. Meltemi was owned by Brian Aldgate from Penzance Sailing Club an he was a member of the NSA until 2005. The only details i have are the sail number of 210. This boat probably has never been officially measured as most boats will have a number as Mark said starting in 8 ???. If you would like i measured then Martin Hartley is the class measurer (my husband!) - we are only a few hours from the Lakes so could come and see you if you like. Both our emails are on the association pages. Happy Sailing Catherine PS hull number 17 is a boat in Belfast!
  2. Catherine Hartley

    Sonata Association AGM 2014

    Hi Everyone The 2014 AGM will take place at the Sonata Nationals at Brixham YC on saturday 20th July at the club house. The timing of this will be early evening after sailing and before the dinner starts. Please see below a notice of the AGM. If you would like to volunteer for a position on the committee then please let me know - there are lots of new and enthusiastic members out there plus lots of very experienced Sonata owners who would make an excellent contribution to the running of the class and liaising with sonata clubs and events. If you have any comments for the AGM and are unable to attend please let me know - the rules changes will be included as an item. If you are an area rep then please can you write a short report on your area to let people know how well the class is doing! Best wishes Catherine Hartley Secretary NSA National Sonata One Design Class Association NOTICE OF AGM 2014 SATURDAY 19TH JULY 18.30 BRIXHAM YACHT CLUB, BRIXHAM, DEVON 1. Minutes of the 2012 AGM. 2. Chairman's report. 3. Treasurer's report. 4. Membership Secretary's Report. 5. Reports/comments from Area Representatives. 6. Election of officers - a. Chairman b. Treasurer c. Class Secretary d. Technical Officer e. Boats For Sale List f. Committee members g. Area Representatives 7. National Championships 8. Publicity& Events 9. Technical 10. Any other business, including -Date and place of the 2015 AGM
  3. Catherine Hartley

    deck hardware for sale

    Hi John Please could you give me the boat details - ie name, boat number and hull number if you have it to note the loss on the database. Such a shame to lose a boat Best wishes Catherine Hartley Secretary NSA
  4. Catherine Hartley

    NSA Membership and Committee posts

    Hi Everyone I will be sending out the membership renewals in the next week - most will be sent by email to reduce costs and we will try and ask for payment via BACS - if you would like to pay this way please reply to the renewal email directly. We are looking for new people to join the NSA committee - if you are enthusiastic about the class and want to help promote the boat to other people, or are a keen racer either at club level or traveller we would love to hear from you. Please send me an email to sonataevents@sonata.org.uk if you would like to know more. Many thanks Catherine Hartley Secretary NSA
  5. Catherine Hartley

    Rule Changes - Conclusion

    Hi We did not have an AGM at this years nationals but hope to hold one maybe at the London Boat Show. The Technical rep is working on them with the RYA Catherine Hartley
  6. Catherine Hartley

    Association membership

    Hello Mark I have checked back through my records and your form and cheque were received and a membership form went out with a large batch on the 17th February. I apologise if you did not receive and i will send again this weekend. We have some sonata posters and maybe a few stickers left. We are looking for more people to join the committee and encourage new members to help us promote this fantastic class. The committee has been working hard over the last 5 years and we welcome ideas all the time. Its not always an easy task and especially when peoples lives have become so busy but we try our best to help and will always answer queries when we can. I hope that you will enjoy sailing your sonata on the Clyde - the class at Helensburgh has had a great resurgence and we wish them all the best. Please let me know if i can help any further Best wishes Catherine Hartley
  7. Catherine Hartley

    Northerns/Inlands 2013

    HI Everyone Just in the process of finalising dates for northerns and southerns with Sunderland and Brixham respectively - i will confirm definate dates this week. Also in contact with Peter Booth about a scottish areas as well. Inlands also open to suggestions from people Best wishes Catherine Hartley
  8. Catherine Hartley

    Northerns 2012

    HI Everyone I did try form the beginning of the season to get a northerns/inlands event. However Scarborough and Whitby both declined this year. We may be able to do something on Windermere maybe in between Winter series weekends from November? Also i wondered if Helensburgh with its newly resurgent fleet might be interested in hosting the Northerns? ANy thoughts? Catherine Harltey
  9. Catherine Hartley

    Northern sonata events

    Hi Everyone RWYC have asked if people can send their entries in by thursday 20th october for catering purposes on the saturday night - please can you try and enter in advance to help them. Interested boats are: A Sharp Exit Saraband Point 5 ETB White Magic So Frank Dolly Any more??? See you there Catherine
  10. Catherine Hartley

    Painting the hull

    i hope you are still coming to windermere in 2 weeks!
  11. Catherine Hartley

    Northern sonata events

    Hi Gareth I will ask the question - how early is early!!! Catherine
  12. Catherine Hartley

    Northern sonata events

    Hello Just to keep you up to date there are two options for launching at RWYC for the northern weekend. You can launch at Ferry Nab with the wardens for £12.50 total cost or you can use the slipway at RWYC FOC – they have said they can launch the windermere one-designs from there but i don’t know how easy it is to launch a sonata – depends on your trailer probably. There will be space alongside the jetty for boats overnight or a few of the club moorings will be available. Hope to see you there - Catherine
  13. Catherine Hartley

    2011 AGM Minutes

    apologies - will attempt to get them up this week catherine
  14. Catherine Hartley

    Northern sonata events

    Hi As promised the NOR and entry form are attached for the Northerns weekend on the 22-23rd October at RWYC. So far i have had 10 boats express an interest and hopefully they will all enter - would be great to get a few more to make it a really great weekend of autumn sailing and good practice for the WCA WInter Series starting in November. Hope to see you all there Catherine Hartley A Sharp Exit PS All boats should be current members of the National Sonata Association to enter
  15. Catherine Hartley

    Northern sonata events

    Hi everyone The Northerns is going ahead and including you we have 9 boats already interested - hope to get a few more from the local boats as well. just checking the NOR and entry form and should be on the website by the weekend! Look forward to seeing you there Catherine