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  1. Rudder Godgeon

    Hi All Have found out from Hunter Boats that the Godgeons for a Hunter Sonata are best spoke and that the fabricator retired this year. I have found a local Fabricator "HELP" they cost £100 each to be made
  2. Second Hand Main Wanted

    Hi Chirsb Yes i have a main requires one batten. requires some repairs but still very crisp £75
  3. Rudder Godgeon

    Can any one tell me where we can purchase Rudder Godgeon from Thank you Sid
  4. Goacher Sails for sale

    Steve Goacher sails 8047 Main 2005 needs repair on the battons pockets Genoa 2005 genny needs a repair small hole Genoa N02 2003 requires battons replaced and repaired All are still crisp in good condition other than the above £400 for the lot
  5. Sails wanted

    Hi Will Yes I have a Banks main G2 Measured 2001 still very stiff I have not used the sail since I bought the Boat ( Stickyfingers ) now its old name An`Metoo also there is a Ullmans Light No1measured again 2001 if you are interested we can can come to a deal Sid
  6. Spinnaker and pole wanted

    Hi Keiron are youstill looking for a spinnaker if so please give a call 01877339787 thanks Sid