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Hi All,

Well myself and a couple of pals have taken on a bit of a project getting Obsession 8370 back onto the water, she has been laid up for I think around 6 years and is in a bit of a state.

We have been crewing on Camel Tow at Mersea for several years but this is our first foray into ownership so any and all advice very welcome!

I wonder if anybody can advise, there is strengthening wood underneath the mastfoot (pic attached) I guess to spread the load, it appears there is a little more fibreglass laid up under the coach roof as well. I would prefer to increase the strengthening inside and remove the wood, would the lift in the height of the mast make any difference to the boats performance or handling? Or am I being a bit pedantic?

We currently have a huge list of things to do prior to the start of the season so would need to prioritise really.

As said any advise very welcome.






mast base.jpg

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Hi Simon.

I know that if the bottom of the mast has corroded a solution is to cut off the corrosion and shim up the foot with wood which might have happened with yours.

I guess if you remove the wood and the mast has been shortened you might run out of luff for your main?

Not sure how you check this - but someone can probably tell you how! Mast maker? I would leave it alone if that is what has happened.



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